2020 Skoda Octavia revealed worldwide

2020 Skoda Octavia revealed worldwide

Skoda, a mysterious car brand which is neck-deep into some of the most underrated cars of this decade. With people going over and over again with Octavia, Skoda believed it was the best time to get their top-selling car out. Skoda did exactly what we were waiting for, a much broader yet handsome looking Octavia with hints of some masculinity on its grille.
Released in a stand-alone event, Octavia was a much-anticipated product by the Czech manufacturers. With an undying success for the Octavia VRS, this was the time Skoda did something out of the box, but they ended creating a much larger version for Octavia’s predecessor.

Skoda Octavia Front
Octavia did receive some cosmetic updates and did manage to carry forward the positive aspects of the previous iteration. The 19mm increase in length and a 15mm increase in width might not be a welcoming idea as the Octavia was in itself a pretty hefty deal to deal with on a busy road.

Skoda Octavia front
Combi, Europe’s best-selling wagon also received some over-the-top changes. “Čím větší, tím lepší”(Czech for “the bigger, the better”) can be described as the mental setup for the new Combi as the 22mm increase in length and a 15mm increase in width did some justice to the wagon. Though the wheelbase remains the same for both.

Skoda Octavia 2020
One update which is worth mentioning is Skoda’s departure from the ‘four-eyed’ headlamp. This upgrade in front-facia is much welcomed as the latter setup was criticized to the brim. What surprised us the most was the whopping spike in cargo capacity for both the wagon and liftback, the former is equipped with 640liters of boot space. Whereas, the liftback has been slammed with a whopping 600liters of cargo space, which in turn is the sweet spot for this Czech gentleman.
To further improve the fuel economy, both the variants have been blessed with an improved drag coefficient. A reduction of 0.24 in liftback and 0.26 in wagon of drag coefficient might make the fuel economy a tad-bit better, but the addition of Plug-in hybrid is what is going to make the difference. We hope to see a much better response than its ancestors and with a better equipped Octavia, we have little no doubts about it.

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