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15 Honda cars are currently available and sold in United States. 5 Sedans, 2 Coupe, 2 Crossover, 2 Hatchback, 2 SUV, 1 Muv and 1 Pickup are being offered by Honda in the country. Honda’s highly price model is the Pilot at $48,120 and the cheapest model is the Fit at $16,190 . Honda Civic Type R will soon be launched in United States. Over 137 authorized Honda car dealers across 106 cities in the United States are waiting to contact you with the best offers.

Honda Cars Price List

Honda Models Price List
Honda Ridgeline $29,990 - 41,920
Honda Fit $16,190 - 20,520
Honda CR-V $24,450 - 32,850
Honda Accord $23,720 - 34,990
Honda HR-V $20,620 - 28,640
Honda Passport $31,990 - 43,680
Honda Odyssey $30,190 - 47,070
Honda Civic Sedan $19,550 - 27,400
Honda Insight $22,930 - 28,340
Honda Pilot $31,550 - 48,120
Honda Civic Coupe $20,750 - 26,950
Honda Civic Hatchback $21,450 - 28,750
Honda Civic Type R $36,300
Honda Civic Si Coupe $25,000
Honda Civic Si Sedan $25,000
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15 Honda Cars

  • Honda Ridgeline
    Honda Ridgeline
    $29,990 - 41,920 SRP Price Washington
    Ridgeline Price 8 Variants
  • Honda Fit
    Honda Fit
    $16,190 - 20,520 SRP Price Washington
    Honda Fit Price 7 Variants
  • Honda CR-V
    Honda CR-V
    $24,450 - 32,850 SRP Price Washington
    Honda CR-V Price 4 Variants
  • Honda Accord
    Honda Accord
    $23,720 - 34,990 SRP Price Washington
    Accord Price 11 Variants
  • Honda HR-V
    Honda HR-V
    $20,620 - 28,640 SRP Price Washington
    Honda HR-V Price 5 Variants
  • Honda Passport
    Honda Passport
    $31,990 - 43,680 SRP Price Washington
    Passport Price 7 Variants
  • Honda Odyssey
    Honda Odyssey
    $30,190 - 47,070 SRP Price Washington
    Odyssey Price 5 Variants
  • Honda Civic Sedan
    Honda Civic Sedan
    $19,550 - 27,400 SRP Price Washington
    Civic Sedan Price 5 Variants
  • Honda Insight
    Honda Insight
    $22,930 - 28,340 OTR Price Washington
    Insight Price 3 Variants
  • Honda Pilot
    Honda Pilot
    $31,550 - 48,120 SRP Price Washington
    Pilot Price 5 Variants
  • Honda Civic Coupe
    Honda Civic Coupe
    $20,750 - 26,950 SRP Price Washington
    Civic Coupe Price 4 Variants
  • Honda Civic Hatchback
    Honda Civic Hatchback
    $21,450 - 28,750 SRP Price Washington
    Civic Hatchback Price 5 Variants
  • Honda Civic Type R
    Honda Civic Type R
    $36,300 SRP Price Washington
    Civic Type R Price 1 Variant
  • Honda Civic Si Coupe
    Honda Civic Si Coupe
    $25,000 OTR Price Washington
    Civic Si Coupe Price 1 Variant
  • Honda Civic Si Sedan
    Honda Civic Si Sedan
    $25,000 OTR Price Washington
    Civic Si Sedan Price 1 Variant
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    • Has scope to excel in some fields

      When I first saw the Honda Ridgeline, I liked how it looked a bit different from other pickup trucks in the market. The design had that boxy and dominant appeal of a pickup truck along with an element of sportiness to it. As I sat inside this pickup, it felt very roomy from the inside and all the buttons on

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      Andrew 01 Nov, 2019 for Honda Ridgeline
    • Is a great ‘fit’ in the hatchback segment

      Honda Fit is an absolute boon to have if you are looking for a subcompact hatchback that feels fun to drive on an everyday basis while simultaneously proving to be economical. I drive my Fit on an everyday basis while commuting to the office and I am always pleased by the overall performance and comfort it delivers. The infotainment system

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      Theodore 01 Nov, 2019 for Honda Fit
    • The perfect SUV for my family

      I was in search of an SUV that can accommodate my entire family of seven without compromising on comfort. I was very clear with the fact that the car should be a Honda because our family has always owned a Honda and we are very impressed by their cars. The SUV segment of Honda features CR-V, and that was the

      Read More
      James 18 Mar, 2020 for Honda CR-V
    • Premium sedan with a robust engine

      Honda Accord is a very premium sedan, and it also comes with a very powerful engine. One might underestimate the performance of this vehicle from the sober looks of the car. But, whenever you push the gas pedal down, it will take you ahead of the traffic within no time. The cabin feels very luxurious as the carmaker has used

      Read More
      Benjamin 18 Mar, 2020 for Honda Accord
    • Amazing road presence

      The reason why I purchased the Honda HR-V was that it had a pretty stronghold in the US market. All I was looking for was a reliable SUV that can handle my daily commutes without breaking down in the middle of the trip. When it comes to reliability, the name of Honda is surely taken. I have been driving this

      Read More
      Lucas 18 Mar, 2020 for Honda HR-V
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