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16 Ford cars are currently available and sold in United States. 4 Sedans, 4 SUV, 3 Pickup, 2 Crossover, 2 Hatchback, 2 Van, 1 Convertible and 1 Coupe are being offered by Ford in the country. Ford’s highly price model is the Super Duty at $86,505 and the cheapest model is the Fiesta at $14,260 . Ford Expedition will soon be launched in United States. Over 77 authorized Ford car dealers across 48 cities in the United States are waiting to contact you with the best offers.

Ford Cars Price List

Ford Models Price List
Ford Fiesta $14,260 - 21,340
Ford Super Duty $33,150 - 86,505
Ford Expedition $52,130 - 76,060
Ford Fusion $23,170 - 40,015
Ford Escape $24,105 - 32,620
Ford Edge $29,995 - 42,355
Ford F-150 $28,155 - 67,135
Ford Ranger $24,300 - 32,390
Ford Taurus $27,800 - 42,975
Ford Flex $30,575 - 38,790
Ford Focus $17,950 - 41,120
Ford Transit $35,840 - 37,135
Ford Mustang $26,395 - 67,135
Ford Explorer $32,365 - 58,250
Ford Ecosport $19,995 - 27,275
Ford Transit Connect $26,845 - 31,595
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16 Ford Cars

  • Ford Fiesta
    Ford Fiesta
    $14,260 - 21,340 OTR Price Washington
    Fiesta Price 5 Variants
  • Ford Super Duty
    Ford Super Duty
    $33,150 - 86,505 OTR Price Washington
    Super Duty Price 18 Variants
  • Ford Expedition
    Ford Expedition
    $52,130 - 76,060 OTR Price Washington
    Expedition Price 6 Variants
  • Ford Fusion
    Ford Fusion
    $23,170 - 40,015 OTR Price Washington
    Fusion Price 9 Variants
  • Ford Escape
    Ford Escape
    $24,105 - 32,620 OTR Price Washington
    Escape Price 4 Variants
  • Ford Edge
    Ford Edge
    $29,995 - 42,355 OTR Price Washington
    Edge Price 4 Variants
  • Ford F-150
    Ford F-150
    $28,155 - 67,135 OTR Price Washington
    Ford F-150 Price 7 Variants
  • Ford Ranger
    Ford Ranger
    $24,300 - 32,390 OTR Price Washington
    Ranger Price 3 Variants
  • Ford Taurus
    Ford Taurus
    $27,800 - 42,975 OTR Price Washington
    Taurus Price 4 Variants
  • Ford Flex
    Ford Flex
    $30,575 - 38,790 OTR Price Washington
    Flex Price 3 Variants
  • Ford Focus
    Ford Focus
    $17,950 - 41,120 OTR Price Washington
    Focus Price 10 Variants
  • Ford Transit
    Ford Transit
    $35,840 - 37,135 OTR Price Washington
    Transit Price 2 Variants
  • Ford Mustang
    Ford Mustang
    $26,395 - 67,135 OTR Price Washington
    Mustang Price 10 Variants
  • Ford Explorer
    Ford Explorer
    $32,365 - 58,250 OTR Price Washington
    Explorer Price 5 Variants
  • Ford Ecosport
    Ford Ecosport
    $19,995 - 27,275 OTR Price Washington
    Ecosport Price 4 Variants
  • Ford Transit Connect
    Ford Transit Connect
    $26,845 - 31,595 OTR Price Washington
    Transit Connect Price 3 Variants
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    • A small car that providing outstanding driving dynamics

      Being fond of small cars I was pretty much confirmed that if I go for a car this time that has to be small and cute in size. Side by side, the driving dynamics of this car will be unparalleled. They are offering diverse options in terms of engine quality. That is another liberty you get while purchasing this car.

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      Brendan 17 Feb, 2020 for Ford Fiesta
    • A comfortable quiet car that is high on price

      The comfort factor and quietness of the car while driving will surely allure its driver always. Moreover, the automatic transmission along with the power of this car is indeed noteworthy. The front and rear style of this car has wonderfully upgraded. The updated version of this car is available with off road tremor feature. In terms of technological features and

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      Patrick 17 Feb, 2020 for Ford Super Duty
    • A car that provides unbeatable performance

      This car can beat its competitors in various ways. You can avail a composed ride on this and will relish the experience throughout. These days I often plan a long trip with my family just as I am too amazed with its overall driving performance. Then the large turbocharged engine quality of this car is worth appreciating also. The interior

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      Thomas 17 Feb, 2020 for Ford Expedition
    • A luxurious midsized car that offers world class comfort

      Since I had been in search for a midsized car, I did not compromise this time while I decided to select one for myself. I did lot of online research before we zeroed down to Ford Fusion. I fell in love with this car as the handling aspect is too good. You can enjoy a smooth and effortless drive on

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      John Paolo 17 Feb, 2020 for Ford Fusion
    • A fashionable car that offers unparalleled comfort always

      To me my comfort along with my family members’ is on top priority list while I select my cars. So this time while I decided to buy a new car for myself, as always I stressed on this aspect the most. Side by side, being a tech savvy person, I expect the car to be super loaded with host of

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      Chino 17 Feb, 2020 for Ford Escape
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