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16 Ford cars are currently available and sold in United States. 4 Sedans, 4 SUV, 3 Pickup, 2 Crossover, 2 Hatchback, 2 Van, 1 Convertible and 1 Coupe are being offered by Ford in the country. Ford’s highly price model is the Super Duty at $86,505 and the cheapest model is the Fiesta at $14,260 . Ford Expedition will soon be launched in United States. Over 77 authorized Ford car dealers across 48 cities in the United States are waiting to contact you with the best offers.

Ford Cars Price List

Ford Models Price List
Ford F-150 $28,155 - 67,135
Ford Ranger $24,300 - 32,390
Ford Mustang $26,395 - 67,135
Ford Flex $30,575 - 38,790
Ford Taurus $27,800 - 42,975
Ford Transit $35,840 - 37,135
Ford Focus $17,950 - 41,120
Ford Super Duty $33,150 - 86,505
Ford Ecosport $19,995 - 27,275
Ford Explorer $32,365 - 58,250
Ford Escape $24,105 - 32,620
Ford Expedition $52,130 - 76,060
Ford Fusion $23,170 - 40,015
Ford Fiesta $14,260 - 21,340
Ford Edge $29,995 - 42,355
Ford Transit Connect $26,845 - 31,595
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16 Ford Cars

  • Ford F-150
    Ford F-150
    $28,155 - 67,135 OTR Price Washington
    Ford F-150 Price 7 Variants
  • Ford Ranger
    Ford Ranger
    $24,300 - 32,390 OTR Price Washington
    Ranger Price 3 Variants
  • Ford Mustang
    Ford Mustang
    $26,395 - 67,135 OTR Price Washington
    Mustang Price 10 Variants
  • Ford Flex
    Ford Flex
    $30,575 - 38,790 OTR Price Washington
    Flex Price 3 Variants
  • Ford Taurus
    Ford Taurus
    $27,800 - 42,975 OTR Price Washington
    Taurus Price 4 Variants
  • Ford Transit
    Ford Transit
    $35,840 - 37,135 OTR Price Washington
    Transit Price 2 Variants
  • Ford Focus
    Ford Focus
    $17,950 - 41,120 OTR Price Washington
    Focus Price 10 Variants
  • Ford Super Duty
    Ford Super Duty
    $33,150 - 86,505 OTR Price Washington
    Super Duty Price 18 Variants
  • Ford Ecosport
    Ford Ecosport
    $19,995 - 27,275 OTR Price Washington
    Ecosport Price 4 Variants
  • Ford Explorer
    Ford Explorer
    $32,365 - 58,250 OTR Price Washington
    Explorer Price 5 Variants
  • Ford Escape
    Ford Escape
    $24,105 - 32,620 OTR Price Washington
    Escape Price 4 Variants
  • Ford Expedition
    Ford Expedition
    $52,130 - 76,060 OTR Price Washington
    Expedition Price 6 Variants
  • Ford Fusion
    Ford Fusion
    $23,170 - 40,015 OTR Price Washington
    Fusion Price 9 Variants
  • Ford Fiesta
    Ford Fiesta
    $14,260 - 21,340 OTR Price Washington
    Fiesta Price 5 Variants
  • Ford Edge
    Ford Edge
    $29,995 - 42,355 OTR Price Washington
    Edge Price 4 Variants
  • Ford Transit Connect
    Ford Transit Connect
    $26,845 - 31,595 OTR Price Washington
    Transit Connect Price 3 Variants
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    • A car that provides incredible fuel economy

      This car is mainly known for its fuel economy and can easily beat its competitors with this unique feature alone. The car is inclusive of base engine and it is driven mainly via the rear wheels. I am pretty impressed with this newly bought full sized pickup truck. The interior of this car looks so very luxurious. I love the

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      Connor 17 Feb, 2020 for Ford F-150
    • A small sized truck with decent performance

      I was in search for a small sized truck for my business purpose. I did some internet research on that and finally I decided to go for Ford Ranger. The powerful turbocharged engine of this car ensures its strength and durability. Whether towing or hauling abilities the car is ready to meet your expectation in the most flawless manner. Being

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      Chase 17 Feb, 2020 for Ford Ranger
    • A decent sports car with good engine quality

      I have been thinking of buying a good sports car that I can like in every aspect for last few months. Then finally after doing thorough online research I could think of one car that I finally go for, Ford Mustang. The reason behind the same is this car has gained quite bit popularity as a sports car in market

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      Christiaan 17 Feb, 2020 for Ford Mustang
    • A perfect spacious car with ample of space inside

      This car is indeed aging and so if you are high on fashion may think of buying something that is more up to date and sleek in terms of looks and functional aspect. But this car fits my bill with perfection. I loved the fact that this car still looks brilliant from outer part and the inner part offers a

      Read More
      Jason 17 Feb, 2020 for Ford Flex
    • A luxurious car that has wonderful vibe internally

      If the luxury factor within the car matters to you the most, you need to check out this car, Ford Taurus. This fashionable car is known mainly for its unparalleled comfort factor. The interior comfort factor of this car is indeed superb. I enjoy being with the car for the luxurious feel that it offer the moment I step inside.

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      Moses 17 Feb, 2020 for Ford Taurus
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