Ferrari halts production in Maranello and Modena facilities due to coronavirus

Ferrari halts production in Maranello and Modena facilities due to coronavirus

The outbreak of coronavirus has caused a lot of panic globally. All the sectors have taken a hit, including the automobile industry, so much that even the 2020 Geneva Motor Show was canceled due to the outbreak. Now, the sector takes a hit directly as Ferrari announced that it has stopped production till the 27th of March.

Ferrari stops production

The decision of shutting down the production at the Maranello and Modena manufacturing facilities came soon after Lamborghini did the same till the 25th of March. This wasn’t an easy decision as supercars don’t have a high rate of production, but very impressive engineering. Hence, even the slightest halt might make a huge impact.

However, the global supply chain of materials and parts for Ferrari has taken a hit due to coronavirus and goods were getting difficult to acquire. So, to ensure catching up with the supply and production and also to keep the employees and staff safe from the infection, this step was indispensable.

ferrari production plant

This is not the only way Ferrari has taken the hit as it is running on the 2020 F1 delay due to the cancellation of the Australian Grand Prix due to the same reason. The season is not expected to be rescheduled to later this year when the virus can be contained.

Luckily for the staff and employees, Ferrari will continue to pay them their salaries even while the shutdown is in place. However, we cannot be sure yet whether the situation will be under control at the time of the scheduled re-open. If things are not in control, the shut down might be extended for some more days.

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