BMW M2 CS; the baby M4 we all have been waiting for

BMW M2 CS; the baby M4 we all have been waiting for

The surgeons of the motorsports are on it again. This time BMW rolled up something we have been waiting for eagerly, the M2 CS. A much affordable puppy for all your track needs and as BMW seems to be clearing the space between their performance-oriented machines, it seems that we might have a lot in store.

M2-CS Front

“Our expertise meets halfway between high-performance cars for the road and pedigree racing cars, namely in the growing club racing sector,” said Markus Flasch, President of BMW M GmbH.

M2-CS rear

Equipped with a sweet-sounding cousin of our beloved N55, the S55 is a 2.9L turbocharged inline 4 engine. The M2 produces 280hp to 365hp, which depends on the Balance of Performance classification by BMW. Torque figures are much more respectable, producing 550Nm which can easily put a 911 back to the garage.

M2-CS rear

Power is transmitted by a 7-speed transmission dual-clutch transmission, which received a software upgrade by the folks in BMW. Sharing the same transmission as the M2 CS road car, it will also come equipped with ABS and DSC.

A mechanical limited-slip differential will spice things up for you on the track, but it will still need some serious amount of talent to handle all that prowess and corners.

Expecting to hit the roads in mid-2020, this car has been through some tough hands at initial testing, which took place in Miramas France and Portimao in Portugal.

With initial testing provided the engineers with some humble data, we are pretty sure that this up and coming to Beamer will be a hit in the club racing scene.

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Ayush Saxena

Ayush Saxena

Ayush is all things metal and rust with a mechanical engineering degree in his pocket. An avid motorcycle tourer and a metal musician with a deep love for Steppenwolf is what drove him towards the chopper culture and motorcycles. The remunerative opportunity of living close to the smell of petrol and to test the cream-layer of man-made road ships is what attracted him here.

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