BMW Z4 lease terms cheaper than Toyota Supra

BMW Z4 lease terms cheaper than Toyota Supra

If you look at the specifications of the BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra, you can find the similarities between the two models. The most significant similarity is the platform on which they ride. Along with this, the models also share a number of components taken from other BMW cars.

BMW Z4 front

Besides similarities, the two models have some sharp distinctions as well. For say, the suspension of the Toyota Supra provides it with a unique personality. The other noticeable difference is not about the parts and features, but it is related to the price-deal offered by the two carmakers. A recent report delivers the fact that Z4 is cheaper to lease compared to Supra despite having a higher price-tag.

Toyota Supra front

The 2020 Supra price starts from $50,945 (including destination fees). If we see the lease terms of the model, we can find that customer needs to pay $776 for 36 months with $3,426 due at the time of signing. And if this amount is distributed across 36 months, then monthly amount becomes $871.

BMW Z4 side

On the contrary, BMW Z4 is powered by a small turbocharged 2.0-litre engine producing 254 PS of power. Its price starts from $52,695 (including BMW’s Convenience Package and metallic paint). The leasing terms of the model state the monthly payment if $599 for 36 months with $4,524 due at signing and along with signing fees it becomes $725 a month.

Not only this, the Z4 M40i initially priced at $60,000 and with Driver Assistance Package and metallic paint, it becomes $65,745, which means $14,000 expensive than Supra. But still, its lease terms mention the monthly payment of $699 for 36 months and with $5,624 signing amount distribution, it stands at $855 a month. 

So, for the customers, it is always good to compare the terms and conditions of similar models.

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