Most reliable used trucks under $20,000

Most reliable used trucks under $20,000

Back when Ford rolled out the world’s first pickup truck, the world was not able to process the impact this vehicle will have in the future. Fast forward 94 years, trucks are now dominating the American market and with that arrived the never-ending competition of reliable, cheap, and easy to maintain trucks. Many brands have been curating to this segment, from Mercedes to Tesla, everyone is trying to get their hands in this market. But who will take the crown for the most reliable used truck under $20,000? Some say the legendary F-150 and some are all up for the Silverado.

Let us dive in and find out which truck is worth buying for in the used market:

Ford F-150
Ford, the inventors of the pickup concept, are manufacturing pickup trucks since 1925. When Model T was fitted with a flatbed, it made the Americans realize the importance of a family car which can also lend them a hand at their workplaces.
Now, the F-150 bears the tag of ‘America’s best selling pickup truck. Which is more or less true, as the F-series has a cult following of its own.

F-150 Raptor Front

But when it comes to reliability, this truck comes out to be more than mere hand-model. Donning the ‘Built-Tough’ tag on its hood, there is no doubt this truck is tough. Cheap parts and densely spread service network makes it easy to maintain.
The only thing keeping people away from this truck are the much fuel economic Japanese trucks. If your priorities are in the performance figures, we would suggest you to go for the F-150. Used Ford F-150 price ranges from $16,000-$50,000 depending upon the model and year of manufacture.

Chevy Silverado 1500
When the Model-T was catching up with the Americans, Chevy decided to roll one of their own pickup called the C/K. Silverado used to be trim level back then, but in 1998 they decided to dedicate Silverado to their lineup of pickup trucks.

Silverado Side

Chevy Silverado’s specs have been promising, but the only factor that will catch your attention is that Silverado is one of the longest-running trucks in the world. Apart from its reliability, Silverado also enjoys being one of the most celebrated trucks in America, dating back to almost 4 generations in a family.
Silverado shares most of its tech with the GMC Sierra 1500, which is just a rebadged Silverado.
An average of 4 ratings out of 5 in reliability, Chevy Silverado makes up for one of the best trucks in the used market. The average price for used Chevy Silverado is around $18,000-$54,000, which obviously depends on the trim level and year of manufacture.

Ram 1500
Hands down the best pickup truck in the market and TruckTrend fully agrees with us as they awarded the best pickup of the year to the 2019 Ram 1500. Fitted with the legendary Cummins diesel engine, there is no doubt in the hauling capabilities of this truck.
The question is how easy this truck is to maintain and that is where this truck lags behind its competitors. Most of its service centers are based in Texas, and people love them there. Owning a Ram is somewhat questionable as spare parts are much expensive as compared to its competitors.

Ram 1500 front

If service is not your issue and spare parts are easily available, then no doubt this truck is fun to own. The sheer brutal muscle and best-in-class ground clearance provide this truck with noticeable road presence. Used Ram 1500 are quite in demand and price for the same ranges from $25,000 to $60,000.

Toyota Tacoma
Also called the ‘Hilux’ in the European market, Tacoma has been an all-time favorite of ISIS. Yes, the terrorist organization ISIS. Why? Because they are cheap and easy to maintain and the availability of spare parts is not in the question because it’s lucid yet rugged build makes it one of the best option for a falling organization.
Prices of gas are rising exponentially, and the world faces an acute shortage of it. Many trucks in the American market are gas-guzzlers and drink fuel like a fish. This is not the case with Toyota Tacoma.

Tacoma Front

Easy to maintain, cheaper spare parts and closely-packed service centers make it an ideal choice. The only problem is that the spec-sheet is not as promising as its American counterparts. The average price for used Toyota Tacoma ranges between $14,000 to $45,000, which depends on the trim level and year of manufacture.

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