Chicago Auto Show 2020: Toyota Highlander XSE debuts

Chicago Auto Show 2020: Toyota Highlander XSE debuts

Toyota has recently showcased a new sporty trim "XSE" of its three-row crossover Highlander at the 2020 Chicago motor show. The new variant gets a sporty makeover alongside other distinguish elements.

Toyota Highlander XSE rolls on 20-inch alloy wheels to differentiate it from its predecessor apart from getting wrapped with black accents and two chromed exhaust tips.

The other makeovers for the car include black roof rails, wing mirror caps, and window trim. To give their forthcoming offering a different appeal, the Highlander XSE gets a new front bumper with more aggressively styled air intakes and a similar lower rear bumper.

Toyota Highlander XSE

The US specified, sport-theme model is offered in one engine offering i.e. a 3.5-litre V6 engine, generating a maximum power output of 295 hp. The vehicle also gets both drive options, front and read and the transmission is handled by an eight-speed automatic. 

Inside, Kluger gets a smartly designed cabin for improved boot space and ambient lighting. The comfort is managed by leather upholstery wrapped in fabric and black synthetic leather. The dashboard gets a mild carbon-fiber treatment with black and red leather trim. Additionally, the car gets a stitched instrument panel as optional.

Toyota Highlander XSE cabin

“Designed for people who need SUV practicality but really miss driving sport sedans, the Highlander XSE combines bold exterior design with more agile driving reflexes,” said the automaker, when asked about their crossover. 

The fourth-generation Highlander also retains electric power steering, rear stabilizer bar and lower friction shock absorbers from its predecessors, to improve the comfort of the users. 

Further details on the car will be announced later this year, as per a statement by the automaker.

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