Toyota Aygo is here to stay

Toyota Aygo is here to stay

The demand for SUVs and crossovers is on the rise. And, as they say, "to make hay while the sun shines", pretty much all of the automakers are trying hard to clinch on to the opportunity of increasing their sales figures and enhancing the profits by offering more and more SUVs and crossovers. So much so, that the automobile manufacturers like Volkswagen and many others have even started discontinuing their current models to make way for newer SUVs and crossovers in the lineup.

Toyota Aygo front

However, Toyota is one brand that is standing by the side of its smaller cars like the Aygo. With that said, the Toyota Aygo remains to be one of the more important vehicles for the automaker, and the same was echoed by Matt Harrison, executive vice-president of Toyota Europe. With around 100,000 annual sales and other automakers leaving the segment, Toyota sees it as “an opportunity to go further, not pull back", and dominate the segment with its Aygo, added Harrison.

Toyota Aygo cabin

Come 2021 or 2022, and Toyota should bring out the third-generation of the city car Aygo. Moreover, the upgrade should also make witness some major changes, especially the transformation of the Aygo from a miniature kinda car into a crossover-like hatch with a raised suspension setup and plastic cladding all-round. While it is going to be a herculean task for Toyota to equip the Aygo with an electric powertrain, we won't be surprised to see the Japanese automaker achieve the feat.

Toyota Aygo rear

Toyota wants to sell one million electric vehicles by 2025, but an electric Aygo might just not be a part of the figure. Anyway, both technology and business will evolve over time and Toyota is completely okay with that, cited Harrison. Until then, Toyota will observe customer interests and requirements. With the SUV & crossover segment expanding and other categories shrinking, Toyota has made a good enough case for it to keep offering the Aygo and take benefit of the presence of fewer options in the segment and show its dominance.

Source: Autocar

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