Honda offers $1,250 savings on the purchase of Passport

Honda offers $1,250 savings on the purchase of Passport

Hey! It is time to have some extra savings on the purchase of a new Honda Passport. The automaker is giving an unadvertised incentive worth up to $1,250 to its dealers which in turn reduces the prices for buyers. The scheme starts today and it is observed that the customers can save up to $2,250.

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Since returning to North America, Honda Passport has almost completed one year now. It entered the market at the time when crossovers and SUVs are gaining all the popularity in the market and the numbers on the sales chart. As it is quite new in the market and no previous sales numbers are known, so it would be early to comment on its market performance. But this undisclosed incentive to the Honda dealers hints that the model is having some troubles in its way.

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It is not a guaranteed deal for buyers, it depends on the dealer to choose among the full-discount, partial discount or no discount at all. This hidden offer will be available for the rest of the month.

Besides the secret incentive, Honda also offers an advertised incentive on the purchase of Passport. It is a $1,000 loyalty discount for the current Honda customers, owning any of the Honda cars. Also, the scheme is valid on the exchange of any other car of the model year 2009 or later.

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Currently, the Honda Passport price stands at $31,990. The model lies between the Honda Pilot and the best-selling Honda CR-V in the US. If we see the sales count of these models, then we can find the situation of the Passport is not that well. Honda has sold 280,739 CR-Vs, 103,969 Pilots and 25,123 Passports through September.

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