Subaru recalls a batch of 2019 Legacy and Outback models for faulty welds

Subaru recalls a batch of 2019 Legacy and Outback models for faulty welds

It has only been four months since the massive Subaru recall and now the company is yet again replacing certain Legacy and Outback units. Unlike the previous recall, which was owing to issues in brake lights, the fresh replacement drive has developed because of bad weldings beneath the windshield.

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The faulty welds pose a high-security risk. However, this does not affect all the Legacy and Outback models. The notice recalls only 142 Legacy and 1,965 Outback cars for replacement, which could possibly have bad welds. The number amounts to a total of 2,107 vehicles and all these units are manufactured between May 31, 2019, and June 6, 2019, which is identified as the possible timeframe for the vehicles manufactured with welding defects. Also, not all the 2,107 units would be having the issue. The company speculates that only 12 percent of the recalled batch might actually possess the problem.

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Although the defects carry a serious risk, the welding issues are not of the type that cannot be fixed at workshops. However, with a limited number of cars with the public and all of them not more than 2 months old, Subaru thought it would be better to offer a buyback or replacement instead of fixing the issue and returning the same unit. All these for the units, which are sold, but what with those that are still parked in the showrooms? Well, the company will inspect them for bad welds and will fix the same, if needed. Moreover, the targeted owners will be notified within 60 days of vehicle submission, which was commenced on June 26.

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