Toyota Supra becomes better with the AC Schnitzer kit

Toyota Supra becomes better with the AC Schnitzer kit

The Toyota GR Supra has been one of the more anticipated and exciting cars in recent times. Ever since the spy shots and other details of the Japanese icon started coming out, the level of excitement and eagerness only went up. Following the launch of the all-new Toyota GR Supra after good 17 years since the discontinuation of its predecessor, the custom shops and tuning workshop got into the business and started coming out with some amazing products for the GR Supra. Following the suite, it is now AC Schnitzer that has launched its kit for the GR Supra.

Toyota Supra front

Not only the kit by AC Schnitzer adds more beauty to the already stunning Toyota GR Supra but also improves the mechanical stuff of the Austria-made Japanese sports car. The additions on the exterior incorporate a set of chunky 20-inch five-spoke alloy wheels, aggressive and intimidating front splitter, a brand-new fixed rear wing that sits on the top of the factory-fitted spoiler, and a unique front license plate fasteners.

Toyota Supra cabin

The mechanical & performance-enhancing updates include a sports rear silencer kit that can be had stainless either with a steel or carbon fibre exhaust. On top of that, AC has also bumped but the power figures from 340 horses to 400 horses. AC's modifications are European WLTP cycle certified, but it remains to be seen if we will have them available over here in the states

Toyota Supra

. Moving on, the factory-fitted suspension has also made way for AC's height-adjustable coilover fixings. Also, AC has lowered the front and rear axle by 25 mm to achieve a lower centre of gravity, which as a result will improve the handling of the GR Supra.

Toyota Supra

While there is still a question about the availability and pricing of this AC Schnitzer kit for the Toyota GR Supra in the US, the folks at AC have, nonetheless, cited that the kit should be in the US following next year's spring. You better already start saving money then. Because we know this kit is something you don't wanna miss out for your GR Supra.

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