2020 Audi R8 gets the hidden discount of up to $7,500

2020 Audi R8 gets the hidden discount of up to $7,500

While turbocharged engines are taking the reign over for supercars, naturally-aspirated models are slowly taking the death pills, despite being adored by customers greatly. While the Audi R8 has been one such adored naturally-aspirated street-legal supercar, the high price ask has been a major concern for the automaker as the sales dipped at an alarming rate in 2019.

The Audi R8 has always been an expensive car out of the dealership. However, the fact of the matter is that there is an incentive that the German automaker offers to the dealers, but the same is not passed on to the buyers. This has been discovered by Cars Direct, a reliable source.

Audi R8 rear

The Audi R8 facelift went on sale in the US market last spring and this is the first discount offered by the automaker. This incentive is $7,500 from the starting price of the car. Post the revision, the coupe would cost $165,350, which is again not the most affordable price tag, but would work, nevertheless.

Apart from just the coupe, the Performance Spyder version costs $208,100 without any discount. However, there is a dealer in Atlanta that is offering a discount of $17,653 on the 2020 R8 Spyder. Apart from just that, many other dealers offer discounts of around $8,000 - $10,000.

Audi R8 cabin

The price incentives offered by Audi and now the dealers might do little to revive the sales figures. But despite this low, there is little or no chance of it being discontinued. In fact, Audi has even hinted that the third-generation model might even get an electric powertrain to comply with the emission norms.

It is not confirmed yet whether Audi will discontinue the 5.2-liter, naturally-aspirated V10 engine post the electrified powertrain. But yet, the Managing Director at Audi Sport said that the automaker is trying its best to retain the popular engine with the sports car.

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