Ford, GM & FCA suspend production till March 30 due to the coronavirus

Ford, GM & FCA suspend production till March 30 due to the coronavirus

With the outbreak of this new world pandemic disease, COVID-19, most industries have marked a decline in their economy. The Detroit automakers (Ford, General Motors and FCA) have temporarily shut down all assembling facilities across the North American shores. The shut down is announced to be in place till the 30th of March, but the reopening will be discussed post the date on a weekly basis.

According to the statement given by Ford, the automakers said that the production and assembling will remain halted in the US, Canada, and Mexico starting with their end of evening shift on Thursday.

Ford production plant

According to Rory Gamble, the president of UAW, this action of shutting down the production facilities was a prudent step towards the current scenario. This will surely help to prevent the spreading of the pandemic COVID-19.

Even General Motors made similar announcements via a statement made by Mary Barra, the CEO, and chairman. In the statement, it was said that GM and UAW have prioritized the safety and health of the people entering the production plants. As a result, this systematic and orderly suspension of tasks is being put in place.

Automakers shut down

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles announced the same a few hours after Ford and GM. Mike Manley, the CEO of FCA said that it is important to keep the employees safe and to protect them. Together, it would be possible to control the spreading of the pandemic.

However, having said all of that, it is important to note that none of the automakers address the issue of how the laid-off workers will be compensated during the off days. Around 150,000 workers will be affected by this shutdown, according to the Associated Press.

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