Nissan US shuts down production till April 6

Nissan US shuts down production till April 6

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) has impacted the automobile industry on a global scale. The production has taken a hit and so has the sales. Many automakers are taking efforts to control the spread of the pandemic by shutting down the production for a defined duration and the latest one to join the list is Nissan.

Nissan US has announced that the production facilities will be off from 20th March to the 6th of April, 2020. The automaker has its plants in Mississippi, Tennessee, Canton, and Smyrna. This suspension of production is not a US-only decision as the pandemic outbreak has caused several automakers to shut down its production in various parts of the world, including Europe.

Nissan Production Plant

Besides just Nissan, many other automakers have shut their production facilities down for at least two weeks. This has been done to curb the spreading of the novel COVID-19. Many of the automakers are even offering incentives to the customers in the form of leniency on payments to overcome the negative impact on the economy. Hyundai, Ford, and Genesis have been reported as offering the said incentives.

Nissan Murano front

It is to be noted that the coronavirus outbreak had started to affect the automobile industry long back. Even the 90th edition of the Geneva Motor Show was canceled at the very last moment. Moreover, as per the announcement that came last week, the 2020 New York Motor Show has been shifted to August.

Luckily, there has been no confirmed cased of coronavirus positive among the staff at Nissan facilities, which is a sign of relief among the rising numbers as a whole in the United States.

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