Ford recalls Super Duty over fire risk due to seat belt pre-tensioners

Ford recalls Super Duty over fire risk due to seat belt pre-tensioners

We have already mentioned this on several occasions, and here we go again today, no matter how deep the automakers go in R&D and irrespective of the tests they perform on their vehicle before rolling them out of the production line, even the best of the vehicles end up being recalled over minuscule issues. Something has happened with Ford, the blue oval automaker from the US where it has been forced to recall around 490,574 Ford Super Duty trucks.

Ford Super Duty trucks

The issue? Well, the seat belt pre-tensioners residing in the truck’s B-pillars give rise to sparks while working in tandem with the front airbags. As a result, these sparks can set the insulation and the carpet of the truck on fire. In order to fix the issue and keep occupant safety intact, Ford has coined a relatively interesting and weird solution.

Ford Super Duty trucks recall

Duct tape, yes the very fix-everything material that is used to insulate air ducting in every kind of temperature-controlled constructions will be used by the American automaker to fix its 490,574 Ford Super Duty trucks. Ford will remove the sound insulation encompassing the seat belt pre-tensioners and make use of the foil duct tape in masking the edge of the carpet. The automaker will then place the carpet back into its place and cover it with plastic trim pieces. Moreover, the folks at Car and Driver have also managed to find a short training video by Ford that demonstrates how to fix the issue using duct tape.

Ford Super Duty trucks cabin

The recall involves all of the F-250 to F-550 trucks that were produced between 8th of October 2015 and 29th of October 2019. We all have seen many weird recalls and their solutions in the past, right? This particular recall and its fix, however, is probably one of the more interesting and simple ones. Also, the fix suggested by Ford further justifies the fact that duct tape can indeed fix pretty much every problem.

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