Nissan’s new vehicle subscription plan starts at $699

Nissan’s new vehicle subscription plan starts at $699

Car subscriptions are slowly gaining popularity in the automobile market. With the evolution of the market, Nissan wants to get itself involved in the realm of Vehicle Subscription. Named as the Nissan Switch, Nissan brings to the market its vehicle subscription plan for the US customers. After a few automobile manufacturers, like Volvo, Nissan joins the car subscription arena, though it is presented in its beta form through a test program.

Nissan Maxima front

The Vehicle Subscription Plan of Nissan is limited in scope and is only available in Texas since it is in its initial testing phase where Nissan is trying to understand and analyze customer response to the all-in-one monthly package. The automaker has initially launched the package only in the Houston area through the Central Houston Nissan dealership.

In the Nissan Switch, the automaker has combined all expenses of cars into a single monthly payment package. Starting from delivery of the vehicle to your location by a concierge member, to roadside assistance, insurance, maintenance, and cleaning, everything is included in the package that has two basic tiers.

Nissan Frontier side

The first package is the Select, which is $699 a month and includes Altima, Rogue, Pathfinder, and Frontier. The second is the Premium $899/month package and lets you access Maxima, Murano, Armada, Titan, and the more exciting 370Z, Leaf Plus and GT-R. However, an extra of $100 is chargeable for the GT-R and can be taken for a maximum of seven days, while on all the other vehicles the maximum duration is 180 days or a maximum of 2000 miles. After that, the customers will have to select a new car.

Nissan GT-R front

Although a bit pricey, the Nissan Switch provides access to vehicles suited for various needs of customers. Trucks, like the Frontier, are also available on the basic package. Interested customers have to pay an initial extra charge of $495 in the name of “membership activation fee”. Nissan has also promised to provide the highest trim level of every model on the package.

With Nissan’s new venture in car subscription, it will be interesting to check out the response of the customers in the Houston area, where it is being tested. It will also be essential to the future success of the Nissan Vehicle Subscription Plan and the entirety of car subscription plans in the market.

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