Volkswagen Ruggdzz Electric SUV planned for 2023 debut

Volkswagen Ruggdzz Electric SUV planned for 2023 debut

Electric mobility in the American automobile market has gained a lot of traction, thanks to all the automakers in the race. Volkswagen is one such brand that has been trending on the internet for its development in the zero-emission sector. One of the cars that enthusiasts are interested in is the “Ruggdzz” (known internally) and is set to be introduced in 2023.

One of the most interesting news regarding this Volkswagen Ruggdzz is the fact that the automaker is currently in the middle of a preliminary development phase with the electric SUV. Hence, there could be major differences between this preliminary model and the final model that would come up in 2023. This claim is based on a report by Autocar, a British magazine.

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Another interesting fact about this electric SUV is that Volkswagen is engineering two versions of the car, one a 5-seater that is 4,600 mm long and the other would be longer to accommodate the third row. The longer version could have China as its primary market.

Design-wise, according to the automobile magazine, the Volkswagen Ruggdzz would have a radical design, drifting off the current trend. To start with, it could have a horizontal (almost flat) front hood, an upright windscreen, rectangular headlamps and a flat roofline. This would impart a completely boxy design. However, what the car would stand out is the side profile that would be sheer. To be more precise, the C-pillar would be made of glass to make it look transparent. This would make it stand out among all the ID-badged SUVs and crossovers.

Mechanically, the Volkswagen Ruggdzz is expected to have two electric motors, one for each axle. Moreover, it would ride on the MEB platform that the German automaker introduced last year with the ID.3 EV (hatchback). The platform is such that the SUV could even have an off-road focussed model with high-mounted lights, good ground clearance and a few off-road traits.

Interestingly, Skoda could also offer an equivalent of the Ruggdzz.

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