Volkswagen Arteon to receive a facelift this year

Volkswagen Arteon to receive a facelift this year

Volkswagen is gearing up to reveal a facelifted version of its Arteon. The facelifted version of the car will be getting "cool enhancements" in the cabin alongside improved riding experience and safety features.

Volkswagen Arteon front

The news about Arteon getting a facelift was mentioned at a media roundtable in Chicago Auto Show. Hein Schafer,  Volkswagen's senior vice president for product marketing and strategy, revealed that the low selling Volkswagen Arteon would be getting a moderate facelift, by "back end of this year."

Arteon has faced a stoop in the sales chart, coming down to 400 units a month. The fastback-inspired car faces immense competition from its sibling, Atlas and Jetta as they are the chart-toppers for the company.

Volkswagen Arteon rear

Though there is not much information about the future facelift, Schafer said that the vehicle is getting "a very nice, new interior". The statement hints strongly towards upgraded materials and new dashboard design. Buyers can also expect a new infotainment system in the car. 

The current generation of the Arteon is powered by a 2.0L turbo engine which comes as standard. The inline-four engine produces a maximum power of 268 hp along with generating a peak torque of up to 350 Nm. Transmission of the car is managed by an eight-speed automatic and adaptive chassis control. We can expect the facelift to introduce new engine additions to the lineup as well.

Lastly, mentioning about their upcoming strategy on the car, the senior vice president also said, "If you're not spending $90 million to get the car out the door and the marketing on the street, it becomes quite tough."

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