2020 Ford Mustang Bullitt stamped with a discount

2020 Ford Mustang Bullitt stamped with a discount

Our fathers grew up in an era where Steve McQueen smoldered a set of the tire inside a legendary steed. What we are talking about is a prolifically powered, nonpareil, magnolias Mustang in the movie ‘Bullitt’.

Bullitt side

This Mustang was featured in history’s most famous car chase scene, and that is one reason why Ford decided to rub its neck and fabricate a special edition for this movie, on their production line!
Why would the world’s largest car manufacturer do that? Because in that decade, my friend, Ford, was making history in Europe with its GT40, and what better way to boost those sales graphs other than making an uber-cool special edition?


Fast forward 52 years, McQueen is no more, but his legacy lives on. The 2020 Ford Mustang Bullitt is a thing and lives on to its expectation with all that ‘Dark Highland Green’ paint job.


Nevertheless, Mustangs are now plagued with declining sales, and even though they have a heritage to maintain there is little Ford can do about it.
Dodge Charger is going through the same, and the Chevrolet Camaro is plagued with it too. But thanksgiving is approaching, and this is something where manufacturers can play their discount card.
The 2020 Ford Mustang Bullit price is a tad bit too high, but that is resolved with a $3,500 discount, which will bring your Bullitt up to $45,300. This is one good deal for a special edition, but that’s not it, all the other Mustangs, including Bullitt, are available at 0% finance too (talk about takeaway, right?).
Mustangs have been going through a rough patch lately, but treating a well-built American rodeo is not a part of the game we all are willing to pay. As the world slumbers upon a global recession, it might be a good time to put all that money in your safe to good use.

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Ayush Saxena

Ayush Saxena

Ayush is all things metal and rust with a mechanical engineering degree in his pocket. An avid motorcycle tourer and a metal musician with a deep love for Steppenwolf is what drove him towards the chopper culture and motorcycles. The remunerative opportunity of living close to the smell of petrol and to test the cream-layer of man-made road ships is what attracted him here.

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